March 5, 2018


Federal Law Enforcement officials have an active investigation into the fraudulent job listings and check scam that’s been reported to Craigslist (and possibly more job sites). BoosRT and its affiliated companies do not advertise employment opportunities on Craigslist and we do not have a toll-free 800 number. If you have information regarding Craigslist job postings...
February 15, 2016

IngenAE, LLC Acquires Genesis Solid Waste Group

IngenAE, LLC Acquires Genesis Solid Waste Group, INC Boos Resource and Technology Group, parent company of IngenAE, LLC,
expands service offering through acquisition of Genesis Solid Waste Group ST. LOUIS, MO (February 25, 2016): Boos Resource and Technology Group, LLC, parent company of IngenAE, LLC and Blue Flame Crew, LLC, announced the purchase and acquisition of...
November 15, 2015

Bryan Glendening Joins IngenAE, LLC.

Bryan Glendening joins IngenAE, LLC. Bryan serves as Senior Project Scientist for a number of projects including private ventures in the States of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois as well as those directly involved with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Glendening’s experience includes the...
August 30, 2015

Boos Resource & Technology Forms New Company | IngenAE, LLC

Boos Resource and Technology Group is excited to announce the formation of a new company, IngenAE, LLC. IngenAE is a full service architectural and engineering firm with an added concentration specializing in environmental consulting . As a diversified professional service and consulting organization with offices in South Bend, St Louis, and the Chicagoland area, the...
July 10, 2015

Multi-Year Landfill Gas O&M Contract Awarded

Blue Flame Crew awarded multi-site, multi-year Landfill Gas O&M Contract in Northeast. Each site contains over 100 extraction wells providing gas to onsite beneficial use projects. A competitively bid contract, Blue Flame Crew was selected for its experience in large landfill landfill gas systems and its unique analysis and experience in rehabilitating LFG systems.
June 25, 2015

Contract Awarded To Install Leachate Storage Tank Systems

Blue Flame Crew awarded contract to install leachate storage tank systems including custom designed recirculation and aeration systems for 1,000,000 gallons of leachate storage. Also included is an automated truck loadout system.
May 20, 2015

Blue Flame Crew Awarded Emergency Contract

Blue Flame Crew awarded emergency contract by Missouri Department of Natural Resources to relocate and install a LFG flare. The 650 SCFM flare was relocated, plumbed, reprogrammed, upgraded with electronic controls and started in less than 5 days.
March 19, 2015

Blue Flame Crew Awarded New Contract

Blue Flame Crew awarded contract to layout landfill gas treatment system including gas chillers, H2S treatment and multiple flares in conjunction with beneficial gas use project. The system will ultimately be able to process over 10,000 SCFM prior to beneficial use.
January 20, 2015

2000 SCFM Landfill Gas Flare Installation

Blue Flame Crew has completed the installation of a 2000 SCFM landfill gas flare in Colorado. Integral with the flare was the extension of a 1.4KV 3Ph power line to service the new flare.
November 27, 2014

Blue Flame Crew Updates: Leachate Storage Tank Installation + Flare Commissioning

Blue Flame Crew has completed the installation of a leachate storage tank and loadout facility in the Midwest. BFC retrofitted several leachate risers and automated the entire system from riser to load out. Blue Flame Crew added the final portions to a new landfill gas system in the Midwest by commissioning the flare.
August 14, 2014

Landfill Gas Corrective Action Plan–Approved

Blue Flame Crew’s Landfill Gas Corrective Action Plan was approved for construction by a state regulatory agency. The Plan includes installation of over 10 acres of 40 mil flexible membrane intermediate cover to improve gas collection as well as one of the first US installations of Wind Defender geosynthetic FMC cover. The Corrective Action Plan...
August 12, 2014

Blue Flame Crew completes Landfill Gas System

Blue Flame Crew recently made the final connection on a large landfill gas system in New England. The final step was to connect the 28 inch diameter header to the KOP and blower station. After several months of planning and coordination, the KOP piping and header connection was in less than 24 hours in order...
August 1, 2014

Blue Flame Crew to refurbish landfill gas flare in Oregon

Blue Flame Crew, LLC has been awarded a contract to refurbish a landfill gas flare at a waste disposal facility in Oregon. The project will include sandblasting, painting and insulation of a enclosed landfill gas flare. BFC will also evaluate the system’s electrical components and tune or repair them as necessary. The 50 foot tall...
July 17, 2014

Blue Flame Crew Awarded California LFG System Contract

After a competitive bidding process, Blue Flame Crew, LLC was awarded an approximately $620,000 contract by The City of Sacramento, CA. The bonded work will include removal of an old LFG flare, installation of a new LFG blower station and enclosed flare and implementation of a synchronized control system capable of running two flares. The...
June 30, 2014

Blue Flame Crew completes generator installation

Blue Flame Crew, LLC has completed the installation of a 300KW Caterpillar emergency generator at a landfill in the southeastern U.S. The emergency generator will supply power for the landfill gas system blowers and flares in the event of a natural disaster or power outage.
June 16, 2014

Blue Flame Awarded Landfill Gas System Contract

Blue Flame Crew West, LLC, a California based subsidiary of Blue Flame Crew, has been awarded a task order service contract by the County of Sacramento Department of Waste Management. On an as needed basis, the County will task BFC West to perform operations and maintenance services for its landfill gas system.
June 16, 2014

Boos Resource and Technology Corporate Office

Boos Resource and Technology, LLC and Blue Flame Crew, LLC have moved to a new corporate office in the Cantera Office Park in Warrenville, IL. Mailing Address: Boos RT P.O. Box 525 Naperville, IL 60566 Corporate Office: 28367 Davis Parkway, Suite #301 Warrenville, IL 60555
June 5, 2014

Blue Flame Crew President speaks at Fleet Management Expo

Blue Flame Crew, LLC President, Timothy Boos was a featured speaker at the 2014 Fleet Management Expo in Indianapolis, IN on June 23 through June 25, 2014. Selected for Blue Flame Crew’s expertise in natural gas compression and delivery systems, Mr. Boos was spoke to the audience about installation and operation of Compressed Natural Gas...
May 15, 2014

Exclusive Agreement Signed with Aether DBS

Blue Flame Crew is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Aether DBS to provide installation, startup commissioning services for equipment Aether DBS supplies to the Oil & Gas Industry. Aether DBS manufactures equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry as well as the environmental industry. They are the world’s leader in manufacturing SynGas equipment for...
April 29, 2014

From Maine to California, Timothy Boos and Blue Flame Crew are on the Move!

Timothy Boos, President and Founder of Blue Flame Crew, LLC, is pleased to report that it concluded 2013 with record revenues and a strong backlog for 2014. The demand for high quality landfill O&M and gas management services continues to grow. In 2013, Blue Flame Crew was contracted for services in over 15 states, from Maine to...
November 22, 2013

Aether DBS Syngas Unit Completion

Blue Flame Crew has completed in startup and commissioning of an Aether DBS designed and manufactured syngas unit at the Maine Medical Center in Augusta, Maine. The syngas unit will be used as emergency energy supply in the event of loss of primary power.
November 5, 2013

Installation and Startup For Advanced Water Treatment

Blue Flame Crew has completed the installation and startup of the system controls for a ultra-high efficiency water treatment system in Virginia. The equipment, designed and manufactured in the European Union, is the among world’s most technologically advanced water treatment equipment. Blue Flame Crew was contracted to complete the systems installation because of our unique capabilities in...
October 11, 2013

The 6 Largest U.S. Waste Collection Companies Trust Boos Resource & Technology Group

Blue Flame Crew, a division of Boos Resource & Technology Group, announces that in its first four months of operations, the company has provided gas management services for each of the six, largest waste collection companies in the U.S. Blue Flame Crew’s unparalleled expertise in landfill gas and leachate collection systems, especially controls and automation systems,...
September 24, 2013

Syngas Delivery System Startup: Completed in Abu Dahbi

Blue Flame Crew has completed the startup of the syngas delivery system for the Al Bustain Complex in Abu Dahbi. The Al Bustain Complx is a $1.2 billion dollar development consisting of several mid rise and hi-rise structures consisting of a high-end hotel, offices and condominiums. The syngas system will provide all of the energy needs...
August 19, 2013

Blue Flame Crew Approved by One of Worlds Top EPC Firms

Blue Flame Crew has been approved as a field services contractor by one of the 5 largest EPC firms in the world. Blue Flame Crew was sought out by the EPC for its unique capabilities in gas systems design and construction as well as liquid containment systems.
June 24, 2013

Blue Flame Crew Awarded Master Services Agreement

Blue Flame Crew is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Master Services Agreement with one of the US largest waste collection and disposal companies. The award of this agreement, covering both professional design services as well as field construction operations and maintenance, illustrates the depth of experience of the Blue Flame Crew management team...