“The continuity built into our designs provides cost-effective facility improvements and restorations.”

Boos Resource and Technology Group provides efficient and reliable facility infrastructure improvement services primarily to the solid waste industry. We handle jobs such as transfer stations, maintenance facilities, CNG truck facilities, landfill gas and leachate management systems.

Our number one goal is to provide our clients with a cost-effective design that meets their needs. Our design engineers work as a team with site managers. The site managers often assists the design engineers by concurring that the facility can be operated as designed and by raising operation and maintenance issues that should be considered in the design. Our team oriented approach and partnership is critical to providing cost-effective and reliable infrastructure facility improvements.

Our team is abreast of the latest advances of infrastructure design, including gas flaring systems and leachate recirculation processes that have made facility operations and it’s infrastructure more challenging. The integrity of these designs can be achieved and maintained through proper planning, communication and management.


Capital Investment Planning
Due Diligence/Feasibility Studies
Pro-Forma Development
Master Planning
Cost Estimating
Program Management
Site Development
Utility Construction
Rail Freight Infrastructure
Concrete Containment
Drainage Structure and Water Supply