Federal Law Enforcement officials have an active investigation into the fraudulent job listings and check scam that’s been reported to Craigslist (and possibly more job sites). BoosRT and its affiliated companies do not advertise employment opportunities on Craigslist and we do not have a toll-free 800 number. If you have information regarding Craigslist job postings […]

IngenAE, LLC Acquires Genesis Solid Waste Group

IngenAE, LLC Acquires Genesis Solid Waste Group

IngenAE, LLC Acquires Genesis Solid Waste Group, INC Boos Resource and Technology Group, parent company of IngenAE, LLC,
expands service offering through acquisition of Genesis Solid Waste Group ST. LOUIS, MO (February 25, 2016): Boos Resource and Technology Group, LLC, parent company of IngenAE, LLC and Blue Flame Crew, LLC, announced the purchase and acquisition of […]

Bryan Glendening Joins IngenAE, LLC.

Bryan Glendening joins IngenAE, LLC. Bryan serves as Senior Project Scientist for a number of projects including private ventures in the States of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois as well as those directly involved with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Glendening’s experience includes the […]

Boos Resource & Technology Forms New Company | IngenAE, LLC

Boos Resource and Technology Group is excited to announce the formation of a new company, IngenAE, LLC. IngenAE is a full service architectural and engineering firm with an added concentration specializing in environmental consulting . As a diversified professional service and consulting organization with offices in South Bend, St Louis, and the Chicagoland area, the […]

Multi-Year Landfill Gas O&M Contract Awarded

Blue Flame Crew awarded multi-site, multi-year Landfill Gas O&M Contract in Northeast. Each site contains over 100 extraction wells providing gas to onsite beneficial use projects. A competitively bid contract, Blue Flame Crew was selected for its experience in large landfill landfill gas systems and its unique analysis and experience in rehabilitating LFG systems.